Snowman 2013  

Mud, Mud glorious Mud!

Two signals reached the start at Eight Ash Green, station A on 1950ktz (Andrew) being much stronger than station B (Philip – 1960ktz).  

The start location on the new custom map, put together by Gary Parker, is fairly close to its centre and both bearings went north, only a few degrees apart.  

Most teams set off for the Suffolk boarder cross country via Nayland, though some went east using speed of the A12.  

For one reason or another all but one of the teams decided to go for station B first and only took a couple of bearings to decide on Groton Wood  at the top of the map, though an apparent road Closure and Diversion caused confusion, though in reality the road off the A1071was open to traffic.  

Graham & Justin were first on site, followed close by Gary and they both made their way through the length of the wood using the wet, muddy and slippery pathways. Both made short work of the lengthy aerial and found the route into the transmitter via the field, Gary just beating Justin/Graham in at 2.33 pm. Tim, Peter and Richard came in a bunch at about 3.00 pm, with John & young team member at 3.30 pm.

Meanwhile Andrew had been having a quiet time, with Richard Witney the first person to find him just west of Hadleigh, in Broom Hill wood on top of Constitutional Hill at 2.54 pm. From there Richard drove only a short way out of Hadleigh before abandoning his car and trekking 3 miles cross country to Groton Wood, arriving at just gone 4.00 pm.

Going the other way Graham re-took the lead and staggered up Broom Hill to win the contest with a decent 20 min margin at 3.16 pm.  

The rest of the teams formed into a pack and overwhelmed Andrew at 3.35 pm, with John bringing up the rear at 4.25 pm.

Pub meal, drinks & prizes were then the order of the day, back at the Cricketers.  

Graham’s win was more significant than first thought, not only had he beaten the younger teams but proved his full recovery since serious health problems, brought on at last years Snowman event!



Time 2nd Station

Time 1st Station


Graham Phillips

A- 3.16.

B- 2.35


Tim Parker

A- 3.35.05

B- 2.57


Gary Parker

A- 3.35.06

B- 2.33


Peter Larbalestier

A- 3.35.30

B- 3.02


Ian Butson

A- 3.36.10

B- 3.03



A- 3.36.40

B- 2.58


Richard Witney

B- 4.03

A- 2.54


John Mullins

A- 4.25

B- 3.31