Multi-DF  Sunday May 10th 2015

Organiser  Gary G6GLP   

Start: Bourne Park, near Ipswich. TM 151 419.     52.034N  1.135 E

Tea: The Wooden Fender: Colchester Road, Ardleigh, Colchester, Essex CO7 7PA     

Looking at this site on the web it didn't seem as though there was going to be much cover but it turned out to have more than enough.

There were loads of paths, streams, and various other forms of barrier to prevent progress in a straight line.

Add in some curved bearings caused by power lines .... it was going to be an interesting afternoon!

Position Competitor Handicap Joker A B F G I J R S Y Z Total Percent
1 Colin M 0 R 9 11 20 15 23 23 80 40 32 32 285 100
2 Steve S 53 Y 13 15 32 32 26 20 32 32 80 40 269 94
3 Tim P 93 I 40 40 26 13 64 32 20 26 26 20 214 75
4 Roy E 46 S 32 32 0 11 40 40 23 46 0 23 201 70
5 Rosie M 20 Z 26 20 23 23 0 17 26 20 0 52 187 65
6 Dave W 40 J 23 17 40 40 0 26 15 17 0 0 138 48
7 Richard S 0 G 15 9 0 52 0 15 17 15 0 0 123 43
8 Bob S 0 * 11 13 0 0 20 52 0 0 0 0 96 33
9 Pam D 0 * 20 52 0 20 0 0 0 0 0 0 92 32
10 Graham D 0 J 17 23 0 17 0 0 0 0 0 0 57 20

Ahhhhh! Colin can still smell those beautiful, sweet triffids!
Report by Colin Merry
Perfect weather for this one, dry, not too hot and not too cold. It was held in Bourne Park to the south of Ipswich which, despite being alongside the A14, seemed highly awkward to access by road. I tried to source a map of this area in advance but the internet failed to provide. Fortunately, Gary had prepared a copy of the map for everyone.  Even that map was devoid of footpaths.  Gary had thoughtfully marked all the river crossing points and the all-important railway bridge.  

We had a picnic lunch in the park before being given the exact start location, hand-out map and a random joker. Mine was “R”. Then there was a minor panic when two of the stations failed to be received at the start. Nevertheless the hunt started on schedule and everyone dashed south towards the river. The terrain immediately changed from open field to well-defined woodland tracks with some boardwalks. I had decided to try and get to my joker station first, if possible. So that meant having to ignore the beckoning from many other stations off to the side of my beeline. Well – not really a beeline because there was a sewage treatment works in the way! 
Had to decide which side to go around the works and went off to the right and proceeded along a track across an open field, Signal still said straight on and was beginning to get stronger.

I reached the railway bridge. No-one else around. Decided to look in some gorse bushes to the left of the path before crossing the bridge and entering a wood. Signal took me to the left and forward for no more than 100m and I found it - the transmitter that is. It took another 3 to 4 minutes to spot the triffid. 40 points!

I had suspected that R and S were out on a limb but fortunately Y and Z were also located in this area beyond the railway line.  Either Z was stronger or it came on first. Whichever, I went for “Z” first and found Steve Stone doing likewise. Then I came across a footpath in a deep cutting (which I initially took to be a stream). On one side there way an open area with an embankment in between. We both shot to the same part of this embankment when the signal came up but both of us failed to find anything over several minutes. 
Then I heard a plastic-like sound – triffic! Steve had found it and I was hot on his tail – getting 32 points.

We both reconvened at a nearby path junction, waiting for “Y” to come on. Up it came and we both headed uphill and to the “Y” station vicinity.

A few transmissions later, Steve vanished and I was left searching. Got the devil – TX only - where’s the triffid! It was particularly annoying, knowing that Steve had been and gone – and there I was, transmitter found – but not the triffid. So I took to beating down the stingers with a thrashing stick – a 3m bare circle eventually revealed the elusive camouflaged beast. Tag said 32 points. Not bad. So all TXs found in this region. It was time to return across the railway line. Saw Steve again heading my way and crossed over with Roy, going the other way, in the field. Roy told us that the two ailing stations were transmitting but with much reduced output.
I had previously heard micro J strongly here on the way out, so went for the I and J cluster next. Past another car park and across a road, I soon ended up in relatively open land with bushes under many power lines (Cliff Quay power station to Bramford). “I” was weak but clearly receivable from “J” and “I” found both “I” and “J” with little difficulty.

Heard micro G and this seemed to be fairly strong so continued to home in on this micro TX. Took another transmission to nail it and took 32 points (surprisingly high at this stage). Listened for “F”. And listened, and listened, but could not hear it from G. Decided to find the maxi station to deposit my tickets gathered so far. Ran off (passing mini F but not realising it!) and continued running along a board walk by a huge green pipe suspended above the ground. As I ran the signal turned distinctly but I misread the distance. (At this point I was only about 25m from the station.) Carried on further to where the green pipe went underground. 
Tried accessing the area from here but the undergrowth was thick and there were no signs of disturbance. Plan B was then to use the nearby road to exit and re-enter at the next opportunity. I went miles before such an opportunity arose and did an enormously long loop reappearing back at the car park where I was earlier.  Found A on the second pass and deposited tickets – BUT forgot to pick up a ticket for the A station!

Micro B was nearby and could be heard strongly. My DF set then developed a sense fault so, working on signal strength I homed in on the B station, with triffid hidden beneath a holly bush. Back to station A to drop off the ticket. Only one station left to find – “F” (the weak one). There was plenty of time left so may as well try to find it. Headed back towards “G” and heard a whisper from “F”. Found it and, very surprisingly, picked up another 32 points. Back to station A to deposit ticket and have a well-deserved drink of water – Thanks Gary – that was most welcome.

Steve  put in a stunning performance too finding all  ten by 15:15  and then volunteering to retrieve R, S,  Y & Z .   Fourteen stations in one afternoon definitely deserves the drinks kindly provided by Gary.

Hero League

The Hero League is beginning to get interesting.  With a 3rd on this event Tim has crept up to 96 meaning that when he runs the next event and receives up to 5 points he could be on 101 taking Philip's crown UNLESS Philip can manage third or better with his 100 point handicap.  On 53 a win could see Steve on 103 zapping both of them.  Those of us below 50, well I guess being a Hero might take a couple more events!

Thanks to Gary for an excellent event, a site that could certainly host another Multi.

Well done Colin for being Multi-Star of the day and Steve who came very close to knocking Philip of his Hero podium - life is tough at the top! 

Next event Sunday May 31st  See here for details when available.