Multi-DF Sunday June 18th 2017

Organiser - Tim with 10 Txs and a theme to amuse us.

Location     Tiptree Heath NGR 888163               

30 Deg C on 'J Day'  the fruits were simmering!

While the Jamming Tx warbled in the background, pickers practiced on 10 E(asy)-Triffids.  
Would  dibbing their dibbers allow them to come to the boil in time?

  Bob, Colin F, Robyn , Haley,    Roy, Gary, Steve, Richard S,   Philip, Colin M,   Tim behind the camera.
  Where's Rosie?      "Gone for set change"     Pardon?      Do Multi-Rules allow this?
Colin, Steve and Roy have been busy fermenting the new 3D E-Triffids. Now that we are all finding conventional Triffids way too easy (!)  it is time to extend the breathing time made available while one relaxes looking for the triffid located within 3m of the Tx.  They are retained by a steel wire around tree or shrub. Once you have found one just insert your dibber, wait for a flash and if you are not in a rush observe your arrival position.

Sounds like fun doesn't it (!!).

Yes 3D, they can be on the ground, or not. (Thinks, turn bi-focals upside down).
You may see them from the front or the back.

How long will it take to find one?  
Don't hold your breath, remember this is your time to recover  :-)  
Most operators will be kind on the 3m rule for a while and note we don't get another Timbo event for a whole year :-) :-) phew!

Now the real event - Colin F decided to compete without using the sense system for extra challege! Would he end up in a pickle?

Excellent DF day although a bit warm for everyone, I thoroughly enjoyed testing myself without a set 'sense', it proves we have a built in 'sense' (called 'common') that comes into play more often than we might think, and that is what I solely had to rely on. I now know I should not have been too apprehensive without a 'sense' switch and I soon found myself searching in a very similar way to usual, but being a little more conscious that I might be going away from my target, so the signal strength played a more important role. This was only a problem when I was not near enough to easily detect a change whilst on the move, and I would then have to check with my initial bearing on the map, but once close enough it's quite easy to determine which way is right so long as the signal does not go off just when you need it. It does take longer as you will see from my low scores, but finding all 10 far exceeded my expectations, I was reckoning on about 6, then if I had time left after posting tokens I could venture back out again. I really should have gone for Y & Z (my joker) after R & S, but I missed an important track before the lakes, then completely forgot I ever saw it !

After an intial introduction on how to use the state of the art equipment provided, Haley (above) and Robyn were soon diving into the undergrowth grabbing Triffids and points.  The mystery was how they managed to complete the event with no scratches, while other 'experts' finished the course covered in red blotches - jammy?
Position Competitor Handicap Joker A B F G I J R S Y Z Total Percent
1 Rosie M 26 F 20 26 80 32 26 23 17 17 13 0 228 100
2 Steve S 102 I 17 17 32 40 64 40 20 20 26 23 197 86
3 Robyn C 0 * 64 20 26 23 13 17 0 0 0 0 163 71
4 Hayley C 0 * 52 23 23 26 15 15 0 0 0 0 154 67
5 Gary P 146 A 46 40 13 15 40 32 23 23 20 32 138 60
6 Richard S 53 Z 15 0 17 17 9 11 0 0 40 80 136 59
7 Colin M 78 S 13 13 9 0 11 9 26 64 17 20 104 45
8 Roy E 109 Y 40 32 11 13 17 20 0 15 64 -26 103 45
9 Bob S 0 G 8 0 20 18 20 13 0 0 0 0 79 34
10 Colin F 145 Z 11 15 15 20 23 26 40 26 15 30 76 33
11 Philip C 161 Z 9 0 8 11 8 8 32 40 23 34 12 5

Well done to our Multi-Star Rosie, Steve and first time 'Pick Your Owner's Robyn and Haley.
Did others spend to much time munching between pick and punnet?
Philip had clearly left his pectin at home, nothing would gel for him but he still  managed to 'preserve' top spot in the Hero League.
Note: The -26 is a ticket that was not posted at A, thus does not count, memory loss, brought on by too much steam and low blood sugar.

Points mean Prizes!

Yes there was Multi-Star + Jam  for Rosie,  Hero + Jam  for Philip, oh + consolation (last) Jam!  Highest points score excluding handicap Jam -Steve.
and     .......     Jam for all who came to the tea!!

We all agreed Tim was a 'Jolly Jammy Jester'.  What will his theme be next year .... diamonds and pearls?

Unfortunatley our Star Rosie had dashed off early to avoid traffic so here is a picture of what's left of her prize - sorry, think I may be a Jamoholic.

Report update 16/07/17 - Rosie's story
After previous events I had wondered what Tim had in store for us. My usual set has been iffy since a dunking in the estuary. Had planned to use a reserve set but this is not so sensitive so I made a last minute dash to change it and missed the start photo. Was hoping for a Jammy Joker, got F, not bad.
Took some rough sight bearings at the start, and set off in the direction of F. Worked out where it was but struggled to find a way across the deep ditch barring my path. G was closer and Steve just pipped me to that. I then spotted the way across towards F. Steve had overshot slightly so I managed to bag 40 pints. I knew that I had passed B so decided to back-track to that. Spotted Tim on the path with Hayley and Robyn. I saw a log as a useful crossing  point , and managed to beat them to the triffid.
Thought that I would go to A next – well it can’t be far can it? Big mistake. Knew that it was to the west but there was a lake in the way Path choice was North or South, got in a Pickle and chose the wrong one, a very long way round. Jammed my tickets in the box then off to J and I. J was found particularly easily without a transmission.

Then over to the NE side. A fork in the track went one way for R and S and the other for Y and Z. I thought that Y was a long way so opted for R and S. Met up with Steve and Gary as they were leaving S.  I quickly collected that and caught them up as
they were approaching R. Again both Gary and Steve beat me in.   I returned to A again with about 40 minutes to spare, sat down , had a drink and thought about calling it a day. My legs had turned to Jelly in the heat. Changed my mind and headed out for Y and Z, meeting Colin F. Got to the right field and took a sight bearing across to the gorse hedge, where Z was. Y came up and I followed the signal for that instead. Got to the tree and spotted the TX and many trampled nettles. Unfortunately as we were beating up the undergrowth Colin got lucky first. Didn’t think that I would manage to get Z too so headed back directly for A, leaving Colin F to find his final TX of the day, his Joker!!

My route choice was inefficient after B as I went backwards and forwards across the site as you can see from my GPS watch trace above.
Many thanks to Tim. A lovely mixed terrain area with the lakes making choice of route tricky.

Worth the wait, at the next event Roise was 'pickled' in prizes,  Star, historic Triffids, oh and .............. jam!
Next event is on Sunday the 16th  July watch  the noticeboard for details, must dash now ... appointment with the dentist.