Multi-DF Sunday Aug 20th 2017

Organiser - Roy  G4JAC with 10 Txs   - Results  are here  

Location     Bobbits Lane  car park  Ipswich   IP9 2BE   NGR  TM148 414     Street map

Ad Times   Please arrive by 13:00 to collect Radios/ Dibbers / Jokers etc.     Event 13:30 ....... 16:00      Pub  16:45  ..........
Pub      The Beagle, Hadleigh Road, Sproughton, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP8 3AR   NGR TM 124 437  Pub map    Pub website
Document - a summary of information, including event maps is here, I will explain anything that is not clear on the day.

STOP PRESS  - there will be bravery award for the first person to find the     Ghost  .

Message to those from the SUFFOLK RED group.

I was originally intending to use Tunstall Forest or Foxhall Heath, both are possibilities for the future, perhaps a special event for your group?  However, for August 20th  I have decided to use the area shown below to reduce the miles travelled by others coming from Kent, hoping that it will still be in reach of those who expressed an interest at the last Suffolk Red event.

Equipment -  Update - have managed to borrow more sets, so we should have enough for everyone but if you have a receiver which covers 1900 .... 1960 KHz  bring it along. With 10 Txs bleeping all around us for 2 1/2 hours this will be a good chance to play. 

Please let me know if you are likely to come ASAP, so I can plan the event to best fit the situation  - all the Txs & Triffids are programmable.
If you can stay for the pub session that would be great but I will need to reserve tables at least a week in advance.
The Bobbits Lane car park will hold about a dozen cars, there are other parking spots at the beginning of Bobbits Lane and on the road across Bourne Park but if you want to drive to the centre of it all, sharing a car and arriving early will help.

The map below shows the whole area so you can navigate to Bobbits Lane, it is shown as a footpath, see the orange marks added which lead to the arrow marking the car park and start.

All transmitters will be within 1 Km of the start, none will be outside the orange box.
There are lots of paths and bridges not shown, if anyone finds a good map let me know and I will make it available to others.

I have 'inhaled' near the 'Wks'  and it was fine, the power lines are bound to increase the 'fun' though!

The pub is located just off  NW corner of
the map  -  see link to pub-map at top of page.

All about the new event format  may be seen here.
Old hands need to read this, particularly the section about retrieving Txs at the end of the event.