Multi-DF Saturday March 25th 2017

 Organiser - Colin F      Location  - Andrews Wood,  Badgers Mount, Kent.    

 Thanks for all the entertainment Colin, especially in the pub!

 Organiser's bit:
DF Dissorienteering !

This event was designed to be challenging in a different way, over the past few years I had noticed that due to various limits imposed on Multi DF events, the general layout was forming a pattern. This usually consisted of paired Tx’s spread out around a site that would encourage DFers to try joining up the pairs in a ring. Of coarse many still zig-zagged there way around in a state of mild confusion, and this is where I deliberately decided to try and disorientate all, by breaking up the pairs and the usual circular route.
The result was roughly a straight line of 8 Tx’s in one direction, plus an odd pairing at 90 degrees. To throw in a bit more head scratching, this site happened to have a motorway running through the middle, with only one footbridge crossing. Well the temptation to place a pair either side was too inviting, so not only did I do this, but I did it twice. I also managed (within stipulated limits) to interleave a couple of pairs, that was to displace the groups and encourage running backwards and forwards. Originally 4 of the pairs were to be interleaved, but after checking the GPS coordinates with the sitings available, they were just not close enough, so I relented and swapped Z and R back into their pairs. 

 I had anticipated some crossing the bridge many times, and Tim did not disappoint, managing an exceptional 7, I still don’t know how he got all 10 Tx’s with time to spare, he must have been secretly training over the winter months ! All this of coarse didn’t put off our intrepid winner Phil and his methodical navigation technique. I was half expecting a theodolite to appear out of his new bum-bag, but he was moving too fast for me to see. Gary had an excellent day too, with murmers of his hip giving way, he managed to put in an outstanding performance in the end, beating Phil on points by a long margin, but then had to slide back down his handicap-snake until he was 6 points beneath him. Colin and Rosie showed what they could do with mapped GPS routes, confirming I had achieved what I had intended. All in all I was very pleased with the day, not least the weather that stayed dry and cool. Thanks to Roy who I could not have done this without, especially when someone initially gave me Mothers Day to work with, but I am grateful you all managed a swap to Saturday without any fuss.

 J is East,  B is East,  I is East,  Z is East,  Y is East,  A is East .....

 Correction - A is in Australia

 This brings back memories .....

  So what is it I'm looking for?        Your kidding!

    Found a red, that's good isn't it?

So after 5 Km, bleeps, whistles, I get one of these.  What does the B stand for?

After 5 Km I spotted ..... trees.   Oh and Steve, who is not happy ... went North from F to the road to get G but no access back into the wood, long reverse circle, says he is more knackered than me, that is ......... quite bad!

Having made a brief excursion to Australia, Philip is back on track.
Position Competitor Handicap Joker A B F G I J R S Y Z Total Percent
1 Philip C 111 R 13 13 23 23 23 20 80 32 40 40 196 100
2 Tim P 96 I 20 23 32 32 80 26 15 20 20 20 192 97
3 Gary P 138 S 26 26 20 26 32 40 32 80 23 23 190 96
5 Roy E 109 Y 40 40 15 17 20 17 26 17 52 26 161 82
4 Rosie M 43 S 23 20 17 20 17 32 23 52 0 0 161 82
6 Sue C 0 * 11 15 26 80 0 23 0 0 0 0 155 79
7 Dave C-A 0 B 32 64 0 0 0 0 20 0 17 0 133 67
8 Colin M 38 Z 17 11 0 0 15 0 13 15 32 64 129 65
9 Steve S 112 R 15 17 40 0 26 0 34 23 0 0 43 21

Well done Philip, not just the Star but Hero and Mini Triffid prizes too!

What does it take to become 'The Hero'?      Plenty of yarrr ...

  .... and the ability to spot a tiny triffid .... prize 3 for that!
       Thanks to Colin F for heroic extras.

Snakes and ladders anyone?

Tim got the final prize for crossing the bridge the most times.

He says:

Screenshots from my GPS attached.
 Tracks from bridge crossing; only 7 as GPS was switched off before final crossing to car.
Tracks for whole event. Not quite as headless as Colin but I do my best.

Next event  Sunday May 7th - watch  the noticeboard for details