Multi-DF Sunday October 8th 2017

Organiser   Steve S  with 9 sensible Txs and a time hopping 'Ghost'!
Location  Ashridge Park, near Berkhamsted.
Pub  Traveller's Rest. LU6 2EE.
Times   We delayed the start by 30 mins to allow some competitors to attend earlier commitments.

Organiser’s comments

Thanks to everybody for coming to the event today, especially to Ruth, Peter, Pete and John.

Not having taken part in the new format I didn’t know how difficult/easy to make it. The finish at joker format does make it more difficult for the less ‘athletic’ competitor. With 4 new competitors out I erred on the safe side, also this time of year the undergrowth is dying back and hiding the Triffids becomes more difficult.

Now, let me see.

Peter illustrating you can travel faster than the speed of light.

A few ferns weren't going to stop 'Multi-New'  Pete ....

 ..... but a rhodo did slow up even the 'old hands' at Tx C.

Good to see that evolution is working ......

 .....  our Hero is making it look easy.

John is looking very relaxed ...

 ...... while Rosie could be lost in space.

Steve has let Ruth off the lead.

Pete is starting to take this seriously, never works for me.

Organiser’s comments continued:

Above  S is the start and 1 is the ghost.

The central start location really dictated where the groups would be. Group A B C was probably the middle standard of the 3. I couldn’t resist putting C in the Rhododendron clump. Group F G H was probably the hardest as F was the farthest from the start, about 750M, and with H buried in the ferns, which kept some people ‘amused’ for a while. Group K L M was the easiest, as the woodland that side is pretty open, with only M being in some slightly thicker ferns. In only a couple of places did I make an effort to hide the Triffids, otherwise they were mostly reasonably visible, although John wasn’t expecting them to be up trees. I wanted to put the Ghost in a central location to give everyone a chance to go for it as it would be on any route when crossing between the East and West groups. Again I made no attempt to really hide it as the short transmissions should have made it difficult enough.

I walked around with Ruth at the start picking up K L M and then left her at the road crossing heading for F while I went and got my camera. Met again at G, with Pete, Tim, and John all getting frustrated at the short transmissions. Surprised to hear later that she got down to A B C, well done Ruth.

Congrats to Pete, who sprinted away from the start, while I was expecting him to wait for guidance from me, a very quick learner.

A few observations for future organisers. There’s no difference in setup time with the new triffids, although you now have the opportunity to go 3D. I managed to carry 6 pairs at once in a shoulder bag, probably wouldn’t have got them in a backpack. It took me just under 3 hours to get them all out this morning, having visited twice before to note exactly where I was going to put them. Also have a long enough pole, as the wire on A F K is pretty long, and my pole is too short, which meant these Txs were probably weaker than they should have been.

Special thanks to Pete for going back to pick up the C triffid, and to Gary and Tim for going back to pick up the associated Tx because Pete didn’t realise there were two items to pick up.


Fed and watered ...  results from the bottom up...

....  suspense as we work towards the top spots.

Peter is still in the running ..

... but no .....  2nd.

Surely not ...... first outing with a DF set  ...  this is how he did it:

Coming into this event, my first attempt at operating a DF set, a small ambitious part of me thought I could do quite well, but mostly I thought that was na´ve. Before the event started, I practiced DFing in on a nearby practice transmitter – it didn’t seem that complicated, so decided to just go for it.
When the event started, one set of transmitters was clearly nearer than the rest, so I bounded off in that direction. After undershooting a few times, it began to dawn on me why Pete Lisle (who I often navigate for) always tries to overshoot the signal. I managed to find K, L and M with relative ease, as they were all on trees, and I knew the aerials would need to gain some height. A very pleasing start.

Then came my real stroke of luck. As I was making my way towards F, I thought I’d change frequencies, in case one of its neighbours was on my side of F. A strong signal was coming from 1910, so I followed it up to the road. When it finished, I knew I must be close, but I could only see one spot nearby where I thought a red transmitter could be hidden – a holly bush at the top of a ditch. Sure enough, there it was, the ghost (although I wasn’t 100% sure which transmitter it was)!

I carried on towards H, and found the general area, but it looked tricky, so I chickened out and moved on to G. After what seemed like an age, when I had DFed to the same spot from four different directions, I gave up there too, and searched for F, which I also struggled with. Frustration was beginning to creep in, when the signal came up, and I ran straight into John and Ruth, with F right next to them. I ran back to G, but with more people searching this time. Tim found it, and I followed him in – moved to where I knew H would be, and DFed straight in.

On my way to A, I found a family of five deer between me and the transmitter, so I spent a while scaring them as I chased them down alongside the signal. I must’ve gone the wrong way a couple of times, but got there eventually. I searched B’s area a while, but it seems if you struggle in the place long enough, whether or not you like it, someone else will turn up. Sure enough, my knight in shining armour, Tim ran back to his joker, and I couldn’t help but notice where he went.

I soon saw a dark, thick wooded area, and decided it must be in there. Instead of rushing straight in, I waited for a signal, and got a cross on it, so I knew which corner it had to be in. As soon as I got to that corner, I saw it on the ground.

 Back at the car park, I was extremely sweaty – can’t believe I half considered wearing a hoodie! I knew I hadn’t won, but was pleased to have done so well. What I didn’t know was there were handicaps, and, of course, that I had won! 

Wonderful event, really enjoyed it, and I’m sure I’ll be back again sometime.

We hope so Pete, we need someone capable of giving Gary a run for his money!

Results after score at Joker has been doubled and handicaps subtracted  (if you have a wild Joker '*' your best score is doubled):

Pos Competitor Hcap Joker A B C F G H K L M 1 Total Percent
1 Pete 0 * 15 15 15 17 17 20 80 32 32 40 283 100
2 Peter Li 0 F 23 23 23 80 32 26 13 13 17 17 267 94
3 John M 0 * 80 32 26 23 13 13 11 0 0 0 198 69
4 Tim P 124 B 32 80 32 15 20 17 20 20 23 26 161 56
5 Ruth L 0 * 0 0 0 20 15 15 23 23 52 0 148 52
6 Colin M 48 H 0 0 0 13 23 80 17 15 20 23 143 50
7 Roy E 124 G 17 17 17 26 80 32 15 17 0 32 129 45
8 Gary P 196 M 20 20 20 32 26 23 26 40 80 20 111 39
9 Rosie M 49 C 26 26 80 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 83 29
10 Richard S 83 L 0 0 0 0 0 0 32 52 0 0 1 0

Times  - these play no part in calculating positions other than to verify whether a Tx has been found and validated in time at your Joker, however, they do make interesting reading, exposing strategies, or the lack of them!

The enhanced 'Multi-Spice' of the new 'Finish at Joker format' made a few of us hot under the collar. I met Richard with about ten minutes to go, we were both running in opposite directions on the E-W road (towards our respective Jokers) thinking it was the N-S one. Having unscrambled aged brain, I finished with only just over a minute to spare, Richard was not quite so lucky, the Triffid log showing he was just 30 secs late in validating his finds at L (hence the red uncounted Txs below). Rosie, after years of studying my consistent technique, added a little too much spice for the second event in a row.

Those with a Wild Joker were spared the return to Joker to validate Tx times (shown below as validating at 16:30:00).

Competitor Joker A B C F G H K L M 1 Validation
Pete P * 15:56:33 16:09:04 16:17:05 15:17:12 15:27:05 15:29:30 14:14:31 14:21:02 14:31:05 14:45:09 16:30:00
Peter Li F 14:55:38 15:01:28 15:32:14 14:21:21 14:29:04 14:37:10 15:51:57 15:54:44 16:02:10 16:09:54 16:20:46
John M * 14:21:41 14:34:04 14:54:31 15:15:58 15:27:21 15:39:27 16:24:20 16:30:00
Tim P B 14:21:49 14:19:10 14:33:49 15:53:01 15:26:46 15:38:49 14:44:59 14:59:54 14:54:13 15:10:22 16:08:34
Ruth L * 15:16:09 15:27:11 15:39:02 14:24:48 14:34:51 14:46:44 16:30:00
Colin M H 16:03:32 15:02:25 14:27:02 15:25:06 15:28:41 15:39:53 15:48:52 16:19:51
Roy E G 15:51:19 16:00:38 16:16:01 14:47:55 14:24:55 14:37:05 15:35:24 15:20:53 15:10:11 16:28:20
Gary P M 15:26:18 15:31:22 15:41:25 14:42:46 14:52:14 15:10:42 14:24:39 14:19:44 14:15:05 15:51:55 16:02:31
Rosie M C 14:46:07 14:38:16 14:19:45 16:13:25 15:28:36 15:39:49 14:52:23
Richard S L 14:58:24 15:03:48 15:32:23 16:03:57 14:17:04 14:23:54 14:30:56 14:23:54

Hero League

Gary remains our undisputed Hero competing with his handicap of  196,  giving beginners some chance of success.

However, his total score before handicap of 307, though top of the day,  does illustrate just how remarkable Pete's score of  283 was.  

Thank heavens Pete now has a handicap of 50!  

Time for all of us to up our game, I have consulted my legs but they advise new Triffid glasses as modelled here by Dave W !

Thanks to Steve for putting on an excellent event and of course for writing the PC end of the software that processes the Multi-Math.

Next event Sunday November 5th,  Seven Oaks area of Kent, Colin in charge, possibly with fireworks.

Keep your eye on the Noticeboard for details.

Roy E   10/10/17