Multi-DF Sunday May 20th 2018

Organiser   Tim M0BGE
Location  Fordham
Pub  The Cricketers, Fordham.
Times   13:30-16:00

"Spring is in the air, and transmitters on the air waves”

There wasn’t theme for this year’s Spring event, just once again glorious sunshine to run in for two hours, and the green stuff growing for all its worth.

The start was moved slightly away from the car park to avoid giving a straight run in to the K series. The A and F series were that bit further away.

There weren’t too many areas of dense growth, so the red transmitters were unlikely to be that difficult, so the “ghost” was intended to give some increased challenge : it was a bit out of the way, it was a bit more difficult to get to through the saplings if you picked the wrong way in, it was near power lines, and you had to work out the best time to go and look for it, and leave enough time to do the rest and return home. As it happened, those who sought the ghost didn’t find it too bad.

It was hoped that overall the time taken to complete the circuit would be longer than on the previous event, but when, at 1445, a competitor told me he had finished, I knew that it should probably have been harder.

Hiding the triffids well proved quite difficult, and having the green security cord around a branch meant that something was always going to be visible.

At F, the triffid was well hidden in a tree, and the way into it was meant to be by lying on the ground under it. One competitor was seen praying to the tree for guidance (see pictures). Red H was located carefully to avoid a strange weed growing in a bucket which may have distracted competitors.


Pos Competitor Hcap Joker A B C F G H K L M 1 Score Raw % Final Total
1 Alex S 0 * 15 15 17 15 0 0 80 26 32 0 200 62 200
2 Steve S 99 F 23 20 26 80 40 26 20 20 17 0 272 85 173
3 Colin F 145 A 80 32 40 26 26 40 23 23 26 0 316 99 171
4 Colin M 73 B 32 80 32 17 17 20 0 0 0 26 224 70 151
5 Rosie M 25 B 26 52 15 23 20 0 15 0 20 0 171 53 146
6 Roy E 127 G 17 17 20 32 64 32 17 17 23 32 271 85 144
7 Gary P 196 L 20 23 23 20 23 23 26 80 40 40 318 100 122
8 Richard S 53 L 0 0 0 0 0 0 32 64 0 0 96 30 43


Competitor Joker A B C F G H K L M 1 Validation
Alex S * 14:59:16 15:06:34 15:13:08 15:28:47 13:55:49 14:18:28 14:29:50 16:00:00
Steve S F 14:31:45 14:46:32 14:39:32 13:44:01 13:49:58 14:19:09 15:18:58 15:05:53 15:12:50 15:34:32
Colin F A 13:43:39 13:59:57 13:51:16 14:09:15 14:22:20 14:18:40 14:48:16 14:44:29 14:55:20 15:22:03
Colin M B 14:01:17 13:51:27 14:18:03 14:53:43 14:59:03 15:23:18 14:40:40 15:46:56
Rosie M B 14:06:47 14:11:10 15:41:49 14:46:58 14:43:58 15:28:36 15:11:26 15:43:53
Roy E G 14:41:03 14:50:44 14:55:53 13:59:24 13:52:34 14:18:59 15:27:57 15:17:13 15:11:10 14:30:02 15:52:44
Gary P L 14:31:58 14:42:00 14:39:38 14:47:14 14:29:01 14:23:14 13:56:11 13:45:14 13:54:08 14:13:40 15:24:52
Richard S L 14:58:53 15:06:42 15:13:17 15:28:57 13:55:58 14:18:15 14:29:54 14:18:15

Multi-DF Winner’s Report.

We arrived at the site slightly late, but luckily I remembered how to work the DF set. Following the null and taking the sense. I had only been a spotter before, although I had practiced in the garden.

As it was the first I was competing with my own set, I had a wild joker, and we did not know that I didn’t have to dib in to confirm my points at 4:00pm, this would eventually become my Dad’s downfall. We first headed to L as it was my Dad’s joker but Gary had beaten us to the 1st place prize of the 80 points – and then decided that K would be my joker. Luckily for me, I dibbed into K’s triffid before anyone else. 

After seeing Gary, we saw no one until the very end, when we saw Gary again. Although, we did hide from someone when dibbing into M; it was probably Gary trying to use us again! We then headed to A, B and C, I saw C from a distance just as Tim said we might do. F was probably the hardest as I knew we were standing almost on top of it but couldn’t see it no matter how hard we looked. Eventually my Dad found it and we both dibbed in, good concealment Tim!

Finally, we ran back to our jokers. We arrived with 16 minutes remaining but powerlines confused us and threw us too far from my joker. We eventually found it and I dibbed in just in time. My dad had heroically sacrificed his points as he insisted we should find K and I should dib in – I’m sure he didn’t feel like a hero when the scores were read out and we were told that wild jokers didn’t have to be dibbed back into. He came last, but I came first so it’s alright from my point of view! Anyway, he won a donut to practice his dibbing in. While he practices dibbing he can stare at his dusty old award for winning an event last season.

Thanks everyone for a great day.
Better luck next time Dad 😊

Alex Scott.

The Hero League

Well done to Colin F who managed a 3rd place putting him within 50 of Gary, can he grab the Hero?

At the end there was a fairly close spread of handicapped results.

New recruit Alex topped the pile and became multi-star on his first time out, but found the discarding of points the most difficult part of his day.

The special award of the day went to Gary for the most points overall, with fellow sprinter Colin F just two points behind.

The consolation prize, the dibbing doughnut, went to Richard who gallantly sacrificed his final home dib, resulting in disqualified dibs already made.

Unsurprisingly, Gary remained as super hero.

Still, a good time seemed to be had by all, and no-one expressed an interest in my blood for once.

Thank you to everyone for coming along.