Sunday May 12th  2019 Multi-DF    

 Roy E

Location   Raydon Great Wood  TM 060 404.      

 The Crown
Old Ipswich Rd, Ardleigh, Colchester CO7 7QR.

I decided to visit the site on the Saturday, come up with a plan and set up all the Txs & Triffids that day thus giving me an easy day on Sunday, just watching and photographing the 'enjoyment' of the competitors.

Usually woods look good on the map but have limited ground cover, hence the size of the original map. I thought I might need to give the group some exercise involving a start in the middle, possibly Hunters Bridge, giving me 1 Km in each direction to play with.  However,  my initial ramble on the Saturday revealed that that the area would be better named the 'Raydon Great Maze' !  

There were little paths everywhere, many  created by deer crashing through dense undergrowth, while setting up M one came to see what I was up to. Where there was an absence of undergrowth enthusiastic human pruners had created walls of branches everywhere, not sure whether these were to discourage the deer or people - probably both. Anyway, with the winding paths and barriers I reckoned I could keep  everyone busy in an area of just 600m x 600m.


As per Multi-Ethics, the green (easy) Txs were close to  tracks but if you tried to take a straight route to the next Tx you were in for frustration. The only exception was from A to B,  in that case I factored in that the direct route from Start to A was only for the very brave, the only sensible route was an almost  complete loop via Hunter's Bridge, of course  the map didn't show maze walls, our intrepid hunters had to find those themselves!

To see if I could tempt anyone to risk going for the very brief initial random transmissions from the Ghost (1)  before their Joker, I  located it about 30 metres away from the start.  

They're smiling, do they know there is a ghost behind them or has Colin M just delivered one of his jokes?

They're on , there are 10 Txs on 3 frequencies to check, has the blasting,  brief signal from the ghost attracted attention?

Later I learned that Colin F had initially gone for it but was frustrated and headed off to do  B (his Joker) , A and C first.  He did return, see pictures later.

Dave on the way to K

No Triffid blindness here

Tim is getting 'festive' in the holly looking for his Joker L, he's found the Tx but will he spot the Triffid on the outside of the bush before Dave gets to it?

Dave is on his way ......

Above:  Richard had found his Joker F 

Right:  Meanwhile someone else is still looking for his and Dave is long gone!

Above - Colin F has returned to the start to try and find the ghost.
Right - he's found the Tx.
Below - yes, there's the Triffid but Gary and Tim have already been in.


Right -  Richard wonders if Colin M has found a Triffid, no he is just praying to a Tx for guidance.

Left  Richard  has unearthed  H.

Below: At tea there were complaints of Triffid heightism but  below  'Elf & Safety expert Colin demonstrates that the Triffid in question complies with Multi-3m-EU Reg 2.999 sub section  G.

Pos Competitor
Hcap Joker A B C F G H K L M 1 Score Raw % Final Total
1 Dave C-A 7 K 32 26 0 26 26 20 80 40 17 0 267 82 260
2 Richard S 40 F 20 1 23 64 32 32 26 26 26 0 266 82 226
3 Colin M 73 G 17 20 20 40 80 40 17 23 32 0 289 89 216
4 Gary P 120 A 80 32 40 17 23 26 23 20 23 40 324 100 204
5 Colin F 96 B 26 80 32 20 17 23 20 17 20 26 281 86 185
6 Tim P 142 L 23 23 26 23 20 17 32 64 40 32 300 92 158
TIMES Joker A B C F G H K L M 1 Validation
Dave C-A K 14:11:52 14:31:10 14:56:04 15:18:45 15:29:59 13:44:21 13:54:17 15:44:46 15:55:21
Richard S F 15:11:11 15:24:22 15:36:25 13:55:02 14:05:26 14:12:41 14:29:42 14:42:45 14:58:16 15:42:59
Colin M G 15:11:21 15:23:41 15:36:39 13:54:38 13:46:56 14:12:30 14:59:10 14:50:31 14:36:15 15:44:11
Gary P A 13:47:50 13:51:33 14:08:46 15:33:42 15:27:01 15:13:15 14:45:27 14:50:41 15:07:51 14:30:44 15:41:53
Colin F B 14:26:09 13:51:07 14:10:47 15:25:34 15:32:36 15:13:35 14:54:41 15:04:15 15:43:21 14:40:38 15:50:06
Tim P L 14:40:59 14:52:03 15:01:26 15:17:46 15:27:09 15:33:03 14:17:54 13:55:35 14:10:28 14:30:56 15:37:03

Well done to Dave, nailed it and all without a map!  He opted not to accept the 10 point discard option and thus will compete with a 57 point handicap next time - clearly a a Hero in the making.      
Watch out Tim!

Dave's route  K , L, A, B, F, G, H, M, K.

Has our Hero lost it?

Life is tough at the top (and bottom).  

Tim told us that his Hero had needed major surgery after the last event, sounded nasty, perhaps this affected his vision at L?

Mind you when a true Hero is down, having taken an 'L' of a beating at his Joker, he still gets on with it, being first to find and bank all ten, then, typically, the first to phone me with an 'L' shaped wind up!  At tea we heard that he is sticking on 142 HPs, hoping to climb the ladder to 150 by  getting a 2nd place thus sending us all down the great snake that is the
'M u l t i - R e s c a l e'

Thanks to all for coming, hope to see you, plus a few more, on
Sunday June 23rd.  Richard S will be in charge.

Watch this space for details.

Time for some food ......

P.S. :  Did I remember to mention  'L' ?  One wind up deserves another!