Mid Essex Double DF

Sunday 13th October    
Map 168   
Times     First transmission 13:20.  End 16:30,   normal time format.

Start       Tiptree Heath   TL 884 149   Map with zoom

Pub         Cricketers, Eight Ash Green,  TL 946 262

All found Txs in same order, tea planning rather than DF ?  

Tut tut tea tut  !!
Tx A    Ian
Click for location
10.3K from start.
Tx B Roy
Click for location
8K from start.
 between sites.
Gary  P   15:07:45 16:01:10
Colin M 15:00:30 16:02:04
Timbo P 14:41:00 16:21:00
Philip C 15:25:30 16:23:50
Pierre L 15:07:30 16:24:30
Richard S 14:54:00  - - - - -

Larby said

Thanks to Ian and Roy for putting on the event.
Ian’s site had an aerial that did not suggest where he was. Good shelter though.
Roy certainly threw me by loading up the fence!.
I found the field to be slippery as I fell backwards and twisted my ankle by landing on it, stiff but OK now.
Then set was dead, I had ripped the wires from the jack plug on the headphones, I managed to bare the wires and connect to plug.

I have discovered how Gary is so good, he parks some distance to site but uses those young legs of his to propel him forward letting others have a long drive or walk.
He follows me in then flashes back to his car whilst I drive around via Maldon.
He then followed Colin and Rosie and using those legs again gets ahead.
He mentioned at tea he hadn’t won the Mid-Essex double before,  another trophy he has his eye on !!

Anyway, well done Gary  (oh to be young-er)


Hi Roy, 
Some pics that I took at my site 'A' at The Wilderness, Woodham Walter.
And some I believe spent a much time "Wandering about in the Wilderness"

Shelter put up, but without camo sheet, in expectation of the heavy rains forecast                                             View of site (It's in here somewhere!)
(but which never came)

     A piece of aerial (with still another 100 or more yards to be investigated)                                                         The easy path in!      


                  What they came to find - TX at the other end of the aerial                                              Looking into the "not-so-well-hidden-hide"    


                                                 The winner - how he did it!


Pics from Site B
Way in on the main footpath to the Abbey.

Brought back memories of my early days on a farm,  always wanted a Fergy but had to be content with a TVO  Fordson Standard of pre-war vintage.

The chosen bit,  I had company while setting up the Tx  under an apple tree , with a convenient wire fence , hmmmm.

My  Amigos  ............................................. one becomes a very close 'Amigo'.

  Perhaps I better move behind the fence.

At least I won't starve.    Around 2pm someone moved the horses ... shame!                              In the end it was so easy Gary could have done it with ....

However, others had lots of exercise running from one end of the fence to the other, it seems that apples kill local RF - a tip for other Tx operators.  Tim ran by me at 15:25,  continued to run and moved car away to a more distant location to continue his exercise.   Just as well the abundace of apple fertiliser in the field softened Pierre's landing.

What fun!  My apologies for smelling of cider and .....   in the pub.