Mid Essex Trophy    16th October 2005

Report written by Raymond Cunningham (for his school homework - is this a first?!   Click on any picture to enlarge it. Ed.) 

There were 8 teams in this event and the starting point was at Assington village hall car park. We were told off because we were not allowed to park without permission which we did not have, but they did let us park on the field. We were looking for two manned radio stations hidden somewhere on the Bury St Edmunds Ordnance survey map. They were manned by Richard Brockes (G3WHR-call sign) on station A transmitting on 1950KHZ, and Mike Hawkins (G3WMM-call sign) on station B transmitting on 1960KHZ.



The first bearings were taken at one twenty PM, most of the teams went off to a flying start and five teams went for the A station and the other three teams, including us, went off in search of the B station.

We took our second bearing at Higham we thought he might be at the golf course in Raydon, so we parked the car by Raydon church ran down the footpath. Dad went over the fence that clearly said, Beware of Bull. He was not scared (I was!) we told him we would not come over if there was a Bull. Me and my Mum waited for about quarter of an hour and it was so exciting a Kitten came to watch. Another five minutes later he came back to report he had been the first in at station B. But it was not yet over as there was still one more station left to find.

We took our second bearing for station A just before we reached Sudbury it turned out to be a good bearing after all. After fifteen minutes we got the third bearing, just outside Long Melford, sadly, the bearing was not very good and sent us off in the wrong direction. Our forth bearing was at Cavendish and set us straight, and after the fifth bearing we realised he must be in the wood at Chipley Abbey. We dived into the wood and dad beat us to him, finding him in a hole under a thorn bush by the side of a small lake. After a couple of minutes two other teams crashed their way in, at this point of time we did not know how well we had done overall.


I think he is under here .............................................. YES!

We had a very nice tea at Pat Hawkins house in Sudbury and the results were called out ..................  


...........................and we found out we had won. So I guess it has to be 10/10, well done Raymond.

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B
1 Philip Cunningham 16:01 16:01 14:41
2 Ian Butson 16:08 16:08 14:48
3 Tim  Parker 16:09 16:09 14:49
4 Peter Larbalesier 16:10 14:32 16:10
5 Roy Emeny 16:17 14:38 16:17
6 Andrew Mead 16:19 14:39 16:19
7 Richard Witney 16:31 15:12 16:31
8 Rosie Merry 16:36 15:22 16:36

Definitely a BA...... day!  Well that's what us ABs thought anyway.


      I don't believe it