Mid Essex Trophy    Nov 3rd 2013

Ten Txs  with  Philip  G0NXH
Start          Tiptree Heath 13:00        Site        North of Fordham  (13 Km from the start).


So after one false start and one dodgy weather forecast, the Mid Essex was on again. The declared aim was an 'easy' event, to get all contestants into all stations. In practice of course, predicting how easy people would find the stations is as difficult as predicting the British weather. 

I used the Woodlands Trust, Fordham Hall estate before in 2009, famously loosing the Maxi transmitter whilst setting out a new mini and micro TX, saved only by Roy’s new auto-keyer, which started without me. Six years on and we are now up to ten, individually programmed units, a ‘staggering’ thought, and the name of the new start up process, which in practice worked to precision, apart from the ‘human’ element, only just awake and functioning at the at 7.30am Sunday morning switch-on. The only other blip was having set up the maxi aerial coming back an hour later to find two blokes with chain saws threatening to chop it down. In the event they just took off some branches to burn back home. A bike helped me set out the TX, and nip round to take photos of contestants in action during what turned out to be a bright sunny afternoon, here they are…

 Maxi A had been attacked by a chainsaw!!!!    Is the aerial still intact?

 Roy could have driven to his joker M but needed the exercise

 N     this is serious ....

 Ian arrives near N showing how it should be done

 Gary in the thick of it

 Steve and Colin are convinced  B is ........... B.... close

 At times like this meditation can help

 There you are ..... you little ......... Triffid

 Gary at Y

 Rosie is on to something

 Colin is struggling with an intermittent tuning pot - decides to bank some tickets.

 Tim at M

 Rosie finds N ,   no signs of arthritis here, what flexibility!

 Steve was not having a good day, perhaps some head butting will help?

 Rosie and  Colin F  looking for B

 In case you haven't noticed  .......... we've finished!

 Tim posting at the Maxi

 Ian still young at heart and ten tickets in the box.
Position Competitor Handicap Joker A B F G I J M N Y Z Total Percent
1 Roy E 0 M 32 32 40 32 26 32 80 40 23 26 363 100
2 Gary P 0 N 40 40 20 17 23 23 32 64 32 32 323 88
3 Tim P 0 Z 15 15 17 15 32 26 20 20 40 80 280 77
4 Colin M 0 I 20 20 23 23 80 40 15 15 15 20 271 74
5 Rosie M 0 G 23 23 32 80 13 13 17 17 13 17 248 68
6 Steve S 0 Y 17 17 13 13 20 20 26 26 52 23 227 62
7 Ian B 0 J 13 13 26 26 17 34 23 23 20 15 210 57
8 Colin F 0 F 26 26 30 20 15 15 13 13 17 13 188 51
Since this was a special event, handicaps were not applied. They will be in place again for the Nov 17th event.

Trying not to look smug      but failing
Winner's Report.
After coming one from last on the Kent Event  as a result of spending an hour looking for a yellow Tx early in the event I decided that my first Tx had to be green!  Drew yellow M as my Joker and was DFing it from my car when Steve's car zoomed across my bow into the southerly car park. Having a number of sheep in my bloodline I followed.  As you can see on the map M is the most distant station from this car park.  Proceeded to run towards it until I could hear green Micro N. Spotted Philip and his car by the road ... 'puffed out' my enjoyment at finding I could have driven to within metres of my target, to his amusement.  Gary then arrived, clearly looking for N too.   His young eyes are usually better than mine at triffid spotting but not this time.   Bagged 40 and then another 40 at M. On a high I set off for F & G.   With loads of transmission I opted for G first.  Wasted 5 minutes going round in circles within a few metres but couldn't see the f.f.f.f..airly well hidden triffid. Then Rosie turned up and with her feminine intuition went straight to it  (bother should have had another 40 there).  Some honour was restored at F where I did my gentlemanly bit of handing her the 32 ticket while pocketing the 40.  
Things were going well but still haunted by Kent I decided to stick to my 'green plan' and do B then A, so that I had some tickets in the bank. Next headed of down the path passing Y, saw Steve hunting but decided to keep playing safe when I found that I could hear J.  Encountered Tim, we spotted the triffid at the same instant from about 5 metres away. Both of us entered rugby tackle mode, one well executed maneuver and I managed to destroy his sense aerial; a further play using the age card - "You wouldn't take an old man's ticket?" and I had the 32 while he limped off with the 26.  (After all I taught him, you just can't be nice and win at DF!).   I suppose I shall have to admit that he beat me into Mini I fair and square.  So it was just Y and Z now. Surprisingly I found Y fairly quickly.  Only Z left.  Was beating down the undergrowth (where it was) when I spotted Steve on the other side of the stream. Using the normal - 'the grass is always greener where the other DFer is'  principle, I went to the other side of the stream ......... and of course he returned the compliment.  With each transmission I swapped sides .... as you do.  This is getting silly but fortunately with an hour and half left I was relaxed if somewhat headless. Celebrated finding the triffid by tripping and placing one foot deep into the stream.  Back to A to post the last tickets.   Gary was also there, we both agreed that Philip is a very kind man  .............   but just as well .... eventually I returned to the car to put on some heavenly dry trainers - but what's this in my pocket ... an unposted ticket ... fortunately plenty of time to post before the machine gun .... another lesson to be learned ... check pockets MANY times before leaving the Maxi!    

Thanks for putting on an excellent event Phillip, well organised, fairly easy as advertised and with all competitors finding 10, a nice confidence builder. This event and  this one from that 'not so nice man' Timbo  illustrate the full range of difficulties that Multi-DF has to offer.  Plenty of food for thought when planning future events.  

 Gary gets 2nd prize   (Two seconds and a win in the last three events)
 Time to give the old man some advice?

 Rosie looks quite pleased with the lady's prize.

 Photos by Philip, he has loads more if would like to see yourself from every conceivable angle in high resolution!
 Next event Sunday Nov 17th 
Details are  here.