Multi-Tx DF   Sunday  August 18th 2019

 Ipswich - Belstead Meadows and the surrounding open space areas.
No car park, but suitable street parking  in  Cottingham Road (zoom in here).
We will meet with Gary in the green area to the south of Cottingham Road and be advised of the start location then.  You may wish to print off a map that  covers a reasonably large area,  as usual the Txs will all be located within 1 Km of where we start from.

Toilets available on the Copdock roundabout at Tesco.

Times      12:30 Demo Txs on.              13:00  registration, briefing.     
                  13:30 First transmissions.    Event ends 16:00,   then off to the Pub!

Pub     Chesnut Tree Farm, 3 Donald Mackintosh Way, Pinewood, Ipswich, IP8 3LQ

Event Format     Overview for beginners              Full details here .  

Please let  us know if you are coming ASAP so that  places can be booked at  the pub.

Contact     Email.

Booked in so far  :  

  Tim,  Roy,  Colin F,  Colin M,  Debbie,  Vaughn,   Richard S,  Philip (possible).