Multi-Tx events have many layers!
These are added so that beginners and experts can compete against each other, all with some chance of winning.  

Your first event is all about learning how to use the radio, getting to know what a Triffid looks like, and collecting points.
The Organiser will act as a guide until you are confident.

With the Organiser available to advise, there is no need to read any of what is below, but if you are curious, the links in green boxes will provide useful prior knowledge.  The ones in red are probably best left for later when you have been to a few events and wish to progress.

The 'Triffids' are hard to spot in the foliage!   This to add a bit of fun but much more imortant it is to prevent 'enthusiastic' competitors running round the course and ending up exhausted; searching for the Triffids forces them to get their breath back. It also gives the non-runners with a keen eye for a Triffid a chance of winning.

When you know how to track down a Transmitter and associated Triffid,  the game becomes one of strategy, how to complete the course with a minimum of walking is the first thing to consider. Being the first to find a particular Tx gives you lots of points, can you plan a way around the course that is less popular with other competitors, thus grabbing some early high point scores?  The layout of the Txs and the behaviour of other competitors, who will be reacting to what you do, creates a fascinating game for those with a competitive nature. For others it may be an excuse to experiment with radio circuits, a motivation for some exercise, or just a way to stimulate a thirst ready for the pub afterwards!

New    If you are not competitive by nature but might enjoy using a radio to find some Triffids you can opt out of the competition. You will not be awarded points but after the event you will be able to see the times you found the Triffids at.  These times can be kept private or added to the web report -  your choice.  There will be nothing to stop you comparing your times with others for amusement but of course you won't win any prizes.

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