Mad March Multi-Tx DF     
   Sunday 24-03-2019

   Organiser    Tim P
   Location      Fordham

   Pub             The Cricketers

After using this site for a straightforward event last year I decided to make it a little more difficult this time, with the chosen area covering different sections of the open access land and a slice of village housing to traverse to get between these areas. Maps were provided showing a generous layout of footpaths and other tracks to get from one section to another. The start location was chosen to be roughly equidistant from main transmitters A,F and K. The Ghost transmitter was located centrally to be fair to competitors, and to be not far out of the way from one group of transmitters to the next. It was sited at the boundary of the church graveyard (good place to look for a ghost ?) with its triffid easy accessible from the public footpath alongside. This failed to attract any competitors and was deemed to be a malevolent spirit.

Thinks ......   Joker or bust?

Joker  .... 1 Km..... 1.5Km .. 1.6 Km ..  1.611 Km ....  cabbage!

With little leaf cover on trees and undergrowth, Green and Yellow transmitters and triffids were intended to be relative easy finds. The Reds were set up to be harder; C in a tricky corner near power lines; H with awkward access; and M requiring water avoidance. In practice Tx C got into the power lines too well and only Colin F found it – well done. Within each group of three transmitters, the normal link of Green – Yellow – Red was loosely interpreted to encourage mad hares to zig-zag between them.

Pos Competitor Hcap Joker A B C F G H K L M 1 Score Raw % Final Total
1 Steve S 64 F 20 20 0 80 40 26 32 20 32 0 270 92 206
2 Colin F 91 L 17 17 40 17 17 23 40 80 40 0 291 100 200
3 Colin M 70 G 23 23 0 23 52 32 23 26 26 0 228 78 158
4 Richard S 45 G 15 0 0 20 64 40 20 17 20 0 196 67 151
5 Debbie L 0 * 11 0 0 64 20 0 13 0 0 0 108 37 108
6 Vaughn L 0 * 13 0 0 52 23 0 15 0 0 0 103 35 103
7 Rosie M 40 B 26 64 0 0 0 20 17 15 0 0 142 48 102
8 Gary P 120 B 32 80 0 13 13 15 11 23 23 0 210 72 90
9 Roy E 136 A 80 26 0 15 15 17 26 32 0 0 211 72 75



Hare-less tortoise

Still the Hero ??????

Overall the event proved quite challenging due to the distances involved. Calories were restored in “The Cricketers” afterwards.

Congratulations to “Hopping Hare” Steve who won by 6 points; Colin F a close second (but who achieved the highest raw score). The event’s tortoise was presented with a cabbage to build up strength for the next event.

I hope nobody departed feeling that they had gone through a “Bad Hare Day”.


Competitor Joker A B C F G H K L M 1 Validation
Steve S F 15:15:40 15:20:42 13:45:10 13:53:18 14:18:09 14:34:58 14:57:19 14:51:17 15:52:43
Colin F L 15:18:45 15:21:26 15:30:32 14:44:51 14:50:19 14:38:57 14:05:07 13:50:13 14:15:07 15:48:38
Colin M G 15:11:52 15:18:29 14:22:36 13:53:50 14:18:05 14:41:38 14:38:18 14:51:21 15:47:03
Richard S G 15:31:00 14:22:55 13:53:46 14:17:59 14:48:41 14:57:41 15:08:06 15:51:40
Debbie L * 15:59:10 14:03:53 14:26:12 15:07:31 16:00:00
Vaughn L * 15:58:30 14:04:08 14:25:18 15:07:25 16:00:00
Rosie M B 13:52:32 13:48:18 15:38:28 15:07:10 14:58:05 15:56:37
Gary P B 13:49:21 13:42:44 15:23:27 15:34:49 15:42:04 15:11:21 14:57:09 14:51:31 15:56:29
Roy E A 13:49:12 13:56:06
15:13:27 15:19:58 15:38:31 14:41:27 14:37:56 15:58:24

Tim’s Mad March Hare

I don’t know how I won the event, I thought I was doing badly, having skipped the Ghost and chose not to hunt down C (more later). A physically tough event with long treks between the groups, and a very confusing path network, at least I thought so.

I had F as my joker and started off down the road with Colin M and Richard for company. As luck had it, they both had G as their jokers, so I was on my own at F and found that fairly quickly. I had noticed which direction Richard was heading for so quickly headed that way from F and managed to find the G Triffid before either of them. So, two 40 pointers to start.

Headed for H with Colin and Richard. This was a real toughie as it wasn’t obvious where the entry point was. Eventually went further down the path and came in from the back direction. Colin was already there cursing that he couldn’t find the Triffid. Richard joined us shortly after, and even with 3 of us searching it took another 10 minutes for Richard to find it.

Whilst in the vicinity of F & G, I listened into the Ghost and thought it was in the general area, it wasn’t as it happened. Having wasted so much time at H, I decided to give it a miss and headed off for K etc. This is where I got confused with the paths and at one point couldn’t work out where I was. Eventually came out on the road by the school with a footpath opposite. Went passed M without realising it. Brain fade kicked in here when I found K thinking it was M, obviously on the wrong frequency. Then listened for K which took me back to where I had just been. I quickly checked which Triffid it actually was, which helped Roy and Colin M, as they saw me climbing out of the ditch. I knew roughly where L was so listened again for M, which took me back to where I had originally passed it. Found the Triffid fairly easily just in front of Colin M and Gary. Headed off for L with Richard and Gary, and got in behind Gary when I saw him acting suspiciously.

Getting really tired by now and was thinking how many of the A group could I get, before heading back. Decided to go for the easier A first, even though I probably passed B on the way. Saw the Triffid quite easily, and the same for B.

Decided that I would start to head back and if C was on the way all well and good. As it happens it was. However, the set took me straight to the power lines and I immediately decided not to spend any further time there. Colin F was also there, but he persevered and found it, the only one who did. As it turned out my set was spot on, so could have stayed a bit longer, but hearing the horror stories of others here, I don’t regret my decision.    Got back to F with about 10 minutes to spare.

I wish I has access to such a large open access area down my way. Many thanks to Tim for running the event and organising the weather. Nice touch to have the ‘Ghost’ near the church graveyard.


Well done Steve.

Thanks to Tim, no lack of challenges on that one, a sprint finish for all, well almost .......

Now off to prepare my 9th cabbage smoothie!

Next Event  Sunday May 12th  - Organiser  Philip        Dates