Sunday June 13th 2021

Multi-Tx DF 
Organiser Philip G0NXH

Location  Hadleigh Suffolk.     Click here for road map with zoom.

Event Format - full details here.

I used the site at Broom hill nature reserve in March 2013 for the Snowman. Andrew Mead hid in Hadleigh whilst I was in Groton Wood not far away. 

Several teams remembered that event, won by Graham Phillips with Tim 20 minutes behind.

That Sunday it was cold and overcast, with the threat of rain, June the 13th was clear, sunny with a threat of heat stroke!

I had visited the site a couple of weeks before to both check out how busy it might be at a weekend and to finalise the TX layout.

Tempting though the top of the most southerly hill was with the WW2 Pill box on the top, there was not a lot of cover and more visitors so I went for the small hill to the north of it, the main Broom Hill and the flood plain down be the river for the easier A group with the Ghost as close to the middle of the site as I could get it.

As we got closer to the event the worry became the heat and the rapid growth of nettles and brambles which shot up in the weeks since the last reconnoitre.

It took about three hours the evening before to lay out the TX with a slight repositioning of C originally intended to be closer to the river, but way too overgrown.

Was relieved on Sunday morning to find everything working – well done Roy for building in such good reliability.

The briefing took place with teams all huddled together under the limited shade and this set the scene for the day given the heat.

Loaded up with a supply of water, during the day found that most teams had come prepared and sensible about the heat issues.

Catherine was out on her first DF and with some training from Roy seemed to pick it up really quickly. We arrived at A, close behind Vaughn and she also demonstrated a willingness to get into the undergrowth and a keen eye, spotting the triffid and dibbing for the full 40 points with no hesitation.

We then headed to B which caused some confusion having been placed  just the other side of the new bridge across the river Brett. Here were found a local clearing the undergrowth of invasive weeds, grateful of a bottle of water for his efforts. Roy and Tim also put in an appearance having had some misleading bearings.

When we got to the entrance to C from the main path we found that it had already been well flattened by Roy, who later joined us as he had not actually found it, but finally did as we stood by and watched.

As we all know, triffids can cause blindness!

The route out from C to the rest of the site was not straight forward but we eventually found George taking a sensible rest at the main footpath junction by A, where he had found some shade.

Followed Catherine and Vaughn up the main path with both F & K straight on and fairly weak.

As it was slightly stronger Vaughn decided to head up the hill to F, which took a couple of transmissions to locate.

I had this time come equipped with some secateurs and took a moment to cut out some nasty thorns on the way in.

We then tried to follow Tim into G, but as he was going cross country I took Catherine round the top path to find Vaughn trying to work out how Tim had got into G and then disappeared. Vaughn and Catherine then managed to climb down through the nettles to find G.

I then found Chris also taking a break under some shade next to G, before I shot off for the Ghost, leaving the other two to have a go at H which they did manage to find.

After collecting the Ghost I heard a plaintive cry from within the wood. This turned out to be Roy who wanted to make contact for some reason.

He had already done the Ghost but discovered that somewhere since doing K he had lost his phone (and credit cards + cash - Ed.)  We started to back track towards A, crossing the meadow whilst ringing the phone. Then bizarrely someone answered the phone and said is that you?

It became clear that Tim had heard the phone and eventually picked it up.

Met up with Tim at M, where he handed over the phone later up at L, saw Gary who had found lots of TX but gathered little points.

Steve just as hot as the rest turned up at L and took some water off me.

Back at the start I decided we had to do all the after events bits in the shade and managed to acquire a picnic table with some cover for the collection of TX, dibbers and calculation of results by about 5.00 pm.

Pos Competitor Hcap Joker A B C F G H K L M 1 Score Raw % Total
1 Colin F 102 H 15 15 15 40 40 80 40 32 32 23 332 100 230
2 Tim P 98 C 26 23 80 20 26 26 20 26 26 32 305 91 207
3 Catherine H 0 * 80 32 26 23 23 23 0 0 0 0 207 62 207
4 Vaughn L 10 A 64 40 23 26 20 20 15 0 0 0 208 62 198
5 Steve S 93 M 13 20 20 15 0 0 26 40 80 40 254 76 161
6 Chris I 2 K 0 0 0 17 17 17 64 0 20 0 135 40 133
7 George F 0 F 20 0 0 64 0 15 23 0 0 0 122 36 122
8 Gary P 130 G 17 17 17 13 64 32 17 23 23 0 223 67 93
9 Roy E 81 B 23 52 32 0 0 0 13 0 0 26 146 43 65

Points mean HUGE prizes!

It became clear that Colin F had won both on straight points and after handicap, with Tim a close second and Catherine third both due to a good starting handicap and some good scores.

Points ties are resolved by looking for the earliest validation time, see below.  An advantage of having a wild joker is that you don't have to return to it to validate points, the disadvantage is that the automatic validation time is 16:00, OR as usual Tim was just lucky!


Competitor Joker A B C F G H K L M 1 Validation
Catherine H * 13:44:03 14:07:49 14:20:08 14:43:43 14:54:55 15:18:59

Chris I K

14:46:16 15:00:52 15:19:44 14:19:33
Colin F H 14:58:28 15:27:05 15:11:34 14:07:07 14:04:19 13:53:08 14:15:11 14:28:43 14:40:30 14:48:39 15:42:43
Gary P G 14:52:06 15:01:27 15:07:34 15:54:41 14:13:01 13:54:58 15:27:00 15:31:54 15:33:22
George F F 14:45:41

15:21:01 15:08:14

Roy E B 14:26:23 14:11:20 14:18:34


14:42:42 15:54:24
Steve S M 15:10:48 15:01:18 14:55:27 15:26:37

14:28:14 14:14:32 14:37:39 13:51:22 15:50:33
Tim P C 13:51:38 14:18:54 14:11:32 14:44:54 14:51:07 15:01:41 15:15:03 15:20:15 15:27:32 14:36:01 15:35:28
Vaughn L A 13:44:43 14:07:26 14:21:20 14:43:25 14:55:03 15:19:19 15:30:43


Left - Colin is the Multi-Star and grabs the Hero trophy from Gary.
Above - Tim is awarded the 'Need to go faster, peanut energy prize'.

Winner's Report:    We all knew it was going to be a hot day, and most of us seemed to be prepared, however Phil’s warning of nettles etc did put off those that sometimes wear shorts, a good tip! After the last event which got a bit hectic towards the start time, this was much more relaxed, and after checking in with Phil and receiving my joker ‘H’, I got myself organised to plot bearings. The start was only a short walk beyond a metal gate, but I moved away from this, just in case it might throw my bearings off. At 13:30 I began the task of working my way logically through all 9 Tx signals, I didn’t bother with senses at this stage, because it was fairly obvious that all signals would be in a NW quadrant from our starting point at the most SE point of the site. The bearings were clearly grouped into 3 distinct directions, with H being the most easterly and B being the most northerly. With all my apparatus put away, I check which would be the most appropriate path and followed Gary & George along the edge of a field, (a little too south maybe) in the general direction of the hill with the bunker on top. I had already decided running was out, and I think Gary had as well, at the next corner Gary and I lost George as he continued straight on. We turned NE and found ourselves following a wide grassy path up to left where the bunker stood. Gary decided to check the hedge beyond the bunker, whilst I waited for another signal. Fully expecting something a bit louder and closer, I was surprised H was still quite weak to the NW. We followed the hedge north down the hill, but finding no way through I resorted to climbing over a wire fence where the undergrowth was thinnest, Gary followed! Now dropping down in the next field, there was a narrow path through some tall nettles and a gap in the trees to another field. We followed the hedge on the right until there was a gap, the signal now getting stronger told us to use the gap and climb the short steep incline to the corner of yet another field.

H was strong but when Gary walked past it, I guessed he was probably after G or F, I climbed through a thorny hole in the hedge trying to work out which way I should search. Fortunately it was close to the left, just the other side of a tree, and the triffid was placed behind it. Relief that I saw a 1 displayed is always a sign of the first challenge over, then I extracted myself carefully back out into the open. I’m not quite sure why I chose G next, as F was slightly nearer, I hadn’t realised that we had in fact both passed it as we rounded a small wooded area, interestingly, I had noted some interference earlier at this point, and had scanned around for overhead power cables, but saw none, I wonder if G was ‘on’ when I had the gain turned up for H. Anyway G was easily found just inside the trees, but I was surprised by another 1st at 14:04. Now F had to be next, in a northerly direction I dropped down a slope and was soon pulled strongly to my left into a cave in the trees, it wasn’t far in and easy to get at, with another 1st I was beginning to wonder whose jokers I was taking! Now my bearings suggested K should be next, so crossing a wide open grassy valley K’s signal took me up a path alongside more woods, I was now close, and being another green was easy to locate, but this really shook me, another 1st, are these triffids working correctly I wondered? This has only ever happened to me once before! I realised I needed to stay calm and focused, it was good news . . but I could still mess up by making too many mistakes. My bearings suggested L now, but I was aware that time was ticking for the ghost, which I had kept track of to the east. It was 14:30 when I dibbed for L, this I think was by a big tree, 2nd place and things were looking too good to be true. M was tricky though, a path by a wire fence at the edge of a field took me to a point where the signal was directly south, and over a sharp drop into the woods. As it was not obvious how to get through, I thought maybe there is a path the other side with an easier access. Further along the fence another path cut back diagonally through the woods, and I now had a signal north. The nettles were as high as me with no gap to be seen. I could now hear Steve and another up on the bank, and thought they must have found a better route. I was not prepared to search anymore and tentatively trod a path through the nettles, it was slow but I got through it, Steve & co had now gone and left me to collect another 2nd and I left M at 14:40.

Now it was definitely time to try for the ghost, which gave regular signals to the SE keeping me on track, although finding the right way on winding paths through the wood was tricky. Fortunately I came out with a strong signal on my left, and I didn’t have to venture far under the trees to pick up the ghost’s triffid, it was now 14:49 with a not too bad 4th. Thinking ABC are now north of me, A had a marginally nearer bearing, but when I picked up it’s signal it was east, and not too far off either. I continued on the open path east to the edge of dense undergrowth where a path crossed left and right, I think I went to the right, and then with no paths I just dived in, not too many nettles this time but still slow. There were obvious signs of others having done the same, so I kept in their tracks.

A was not too difficult, and I clocked in just before 15:00 with a 7th then retraced my steps back to the main path. Oddly, I now decided to go for B, even though my bearing for C was close to A’s, maybe I was getting a stronger signal ! . . B appeared to be 100yds or so north back into the undergrowth again, but this was not so easy to make progress this time. After 10mins I actually gave up and decided to do C first, then have another go at B. This turned out to be a good move, as C was just a bit further north and not so difficult to find, another 7th didn’t surprise me. At 15:12, I still had plenty of time to give B another go, and headed back south looking for some way of getting nearer the river without going back to the start. It wasn’t long before a small path appeared on my left (just what I was looking for), it took me to the main river path through the woods. I followed this north until I was about inline where I had dived in earlier on the west side, only to find the signal was still farther off to the NE.

I found a path that took me right next to the river, very narrow but navigable. I continued north until a metal bridge was in sight, but with no signal what should I do? I was now uncertain which side of the river B might be, so I decided to stop right on the centre of the bridge. A couple of guys wanted to cross, so not wanting to obstruct them, I crossed to the NE side just as B came on quite loudly.  It seemed to me I was probably on the correct side, and homed in on it quite quickly finding it under the trees at 15:27 for another 7th. B and my joker H were about as far apart as they could get, so with half an hour left I strolled in the rough direction down to A then west across to FGH, I met up with Gary for the last part who seemed a little confused by the whole adventure, but had managed to find all but the ghost. Although hot and dehydrated, I had benefited from keeping the running to an absolute minimum, still picking up good positions for the first 6 Tx’s. Back at camp, I still wasn’t sure if I had done enough, but when Phil announced 2nd place and I had not got one yet, my heart was in my mouth.

How on earth had that just happened, it was a surreal feeling after convincing myself at home that morning I was in no position to be competitive today, I had decided to just relax and enjoy the event doing my own thing! Many thanks to Phil who put on a perfect event in an outstanding location, it couldn’t have been better, and to Roy who provides all the background work to every event, and incidently has not missed a single multi in the past 9 years. I might also add that Gary can now put his ‘toy radio’ back in the drawer and start competing again (which might revitalise some ‘old spice’), whilst I think about what I should do with a ‘Hero’ trophy’.
Very well done Colin especially after driving a 100 miles to be with us. I suspect the return 100 miles may have passed more quickly.  Your new handicap of 152 caused a rescale by  130/152  (results are rounded to the nearest integer).

Competitor Handicap Points Awarded Discard New HP
Colin F 102 50 0 130
Tim P 98 10 10 82
Catherine H 0 3 0 3
Philip C 87 5 10 69
Vaughn L 10 0 0
Steve S 93 0 10 70
Chris I 2 0 0 2
Gary P 130 0 4 107
Roy E 81 0 0 69

Congratulations Colin you are now our Hero!

(Code for - yep that should stop him winning, giving us lesser DFers a chance) 

Thanks to every one who came along to support us and extra special thanks to Philip and Tim for bringing my stress levels down to a survivable level!

Next event July 11th, watch this page for details.