League of Heroes


The Hero Trophy
At each event, in addition to the MultiStar, we award the Hero Trophy to the person who is competing with the highest handicap.
Holding this trophy is the ultimate accolade.  Viewing the table to the right makes it clear who the very best DFers are.

Hero points awarded
(Updated 2022)
Winner     50      Second   20        Third   8    Organiser  5
These points act as a handicap in future events allowing beginners some chance of success.  After each event attended you have the opportunity to discard up to 10 of your hero points if you feel that you have no chance at all of winning with your current handicap. However, to prevent people making it too easy for themselves to win, minimums are set after you have won an event or have had considerable previous DF experience.

Minimums May discard down to
Limited experience, no wins. 0
One Multi-win or experienced
Two or more Multi-wins 40

To prevent the fight to hold the Hero Trophy becoming suicidal (!)  a  rescale to 130 is applied if someone exceeds 150. The scale factor is applied to all competitors' hero points.

Example  if someone reaches 167 a rescale would occur using a scale factor of  130/167.  Remember these are 'fun' events, not to be taken too seriously - if you have ever played snakes and ladders you will have a head start.
This table shows the Hero and those within a win of taking  the trophy.

Competitor Hero Points Events as Hero
Gary P13021
Colin F1117
Tim P977
Philip C8911
Roy E822
Colin M81

A full list of all handicaps may be seen here.

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