The Handicapping System (Updated 2022)
This is supported by the Multi-Hero challenge trophy provided as a reward for the person competing with the greatest handicap.
Handicap points are referred to as HPs to reflect their dual roll as Handicap Points and Hero Points.
HPs count positively toward  the Multi-Hero but negatively (as a handicap) in respect of the Multi-Star.
The Multi-Star rewards performance on a single event, it will be awarded as before; once you have one you keep it.
The Multi-Hero Trophy and associated League Table are intended as long term indicators of the very best DFers.
HPs  are adjusted immediately after each event and apply to the next event.

Awards and Discards (Those who have yet to gain a handicap need not concern themselves with the complexity of this!)
Competitors are allowed a certain amount of choice in relation to their handicap; their decision will depend on their competiveness and confidence level.
After each event attended competitors with a handicap can choose to discard up to 10 HPs.  
This unique system introduces another strategic element into the Multi-Tx game.  








Not competing - times only

First event                                                                         

  No  Multi-Wins   (May have HPs from coming 2nd or 3rd)                                                                         
  One  Multi-Win  or considerable previous DF experience.

  Two  or more Multi-Wins 

 Minimums - no discarding or scaling below these values






In the pub there are up to five processes, mostly computerised (thanks to Steve S):

1.   The results are calculated using the handicaps generated by the previous event.

2.   The results are announced
The winner receives the Multi-Star and 50 HPs.    
Second place receives  20 HPs  
Third receives 8 HPs
The Operator receives 5 HPs for his/her efforts..

3.   There may be a rescale if after adding the HPs gained 150 is exceeded, this prevents anyone having an excessive handicap.
          All those with HPs have their value adjusted so that the new maximum is 130, with the minimums constrained by  the values shown above.

4.  The 'Discards'

Competitors who have taken part in events previously but have not competed on this occasion have their HPs carried forward.
The Operator and all those present who have competed may discard up to 10 HPs. (Negative and fractional handicaps are not allowed).
Tacticle advantage may be gained by knowledge of what others discard, so discards are requested in this sequence:
Operator first, then those with with HPs in reverse finish order  - giving maximum tacticle advantage to the winner.
Any competitors who have gone home directly from the event lose the opportuninty to discard.

5.    Awarding the Multi-Hero
        A new holder must exceed the current holder's HP score after any discards or scaling.