Multi-Tx DF    Sunday June 23rd 2019

Location    Chalkney  Wood   CO6 2PH

Pub     The Cricketers   CO3 9TG  

Event Format - full details here .

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Organiser’s Report

Thanks to everyone for great efforts.

My last setup of a Multi in Chalkney Wood enabled an early finish for some competitors and so I wanted to stretch the field a bit in this event. The wood is about 1.63Km across and hopefully there was a mixture of gifts and challenges. Tx A was placed on the river bank so where else could the Triffid be, but almost in the water? On the other hand, Tx G was in a dense forest of saplings and difficult to move within – sorry Gary, that was the one that gave me guilty feelings.

I sited Transmitter C to the accompaniment of a live band playing the camp site in the next field and noticed that the LED display of the Triffid flashed a couple of times. Although a check with the test dibber confirmed that it was recording OK, it could not signal that it’s clock had reset. In hindsight, it would have been best to replace it with a spare Triffid before the start, to avoid the hassles in generating the results later. However, from 20 devices spending the night outdoors, 1 issue is not bad! 

A number of competitors suffered from interference from a nearby and very active HAM transmission. This prevented Tim from locating Tx M despite being within spitting distance and also affected Roy at the west end of the wood.

Chris and Tom were welcomed to their first event and having quickly grasped direction and sense skills did really well to locate 6 Txs.

Did anyone SPOT the ancient motorcycle which is dumped in the stream? Painted in camouflage green, it must be decades old.  So if anyone fancies a restoration project…….. It could be a secret weapon on future Multis.

 My apologies for there being more mud and brambles than I spotted on the Saturday afternoon. Together with a hot afternoon, these made for a fairly tough event I believe, with some quick dashes back to the Joker locations. I guess everyone got the Savlon out and slept well.

So a great effort from everyone and congratulations to winner Phil and runner-up Colin.

If anyone can suggest a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon, that doesn’t involve Kylie Minogue and a milkshake, I’d like to hear about it!

My apologies for truncating Colin's pride and joy!

Good to see Alan after his recent eye problems. He brought his beautiful black labrador puppy along to see what it was all about.
Her most  amusing trick is using her long lead to tie Alan to a tree while Triffid hunting!

Eventual winner, Philip, approaching the Ghost.

Gary leaving C to get back to Joker on the other side of the wood. 18 minutes left!


Pos Competitor Hcap Joker A B C F G H K L M 1 Score Raw % Final Total
1 Philip C 108 K 20 23 23 23 26 32 80 32 26 32 317 100 209
2 Colin F 96 L 15 26 26 13 17 0 20 80 40 26 263 82 167
3 Chris I 0 * 23 20 20 64 0 0 23 17 0 0 167 52 167
4 Tom I 0 * 52 17 15 26 0 0 26 15 0 0 151 47 151
5 Tim P 142 B 32 80 40 17 23 26 13 0 0 40 271 85 129
6 Gary P 120 G 13 13 13 20 80 40 15 23 32 0 249 78 129
7 Steve S 114 A 80 32 32 15 20 0 32 26 0 0 237 74 123
8 Roy E 121 F 17 15 17 80 32 0 17 20 0 0 198 62 77

Note that we had two points ties, when this happens finishing order takes into account the validation time.

Our Winner Philip had to leave early for a family visit so we phoned the news through, fortunately champaign was to hand!

Colin managed 2nd place despite battling with a dodgy sense circuit throughout the afternoon.

Tom 4th & Chris 3rd, excellent first event.

Our previous, now deposed Hero, Tim picked up
the 'Back down to Earth' prize!

Times  -  for info only.

Competitor Joker A B C F G H K L M 1 Validation
Philip C K 15:08:04 15:11:42 15:18:17 14:14:00 14:25:44 14:35:05 13:45:53 13:55:13 15:35:14 14:51:14 15:56:32
Colin F L 15:12:53 15:01:39 15:09:00 15:42:48 15:33:24 14:30:30 13:48:43 14:19:17 14:51:22 15:58:05
Chris I * 15:00:02 15:12:07 15:27:01 14:00:31 14:28:39 15:58:20 16:00:00
Tom I * 14:59:50 15:12:27 15:27:43 14:01:14 14:28:27 15:58:29 16:00:00
Tim P B 14:06:27 13:48:17 14:03:10 15:06:52 14:52:35 15:14:08 15:37:58 14:17:05 15:56:42
Gary P G 15:27:05 15:31:59 15:37:58 14:16:39 13:54:09 14:09:08 14:40:23 14:48:24 15:16:30 15:57:23
Steve S A 13:49:43 14:05:45 14:03:20 15:20:10 15:13:12 14:15:06 14:32:54 15:47:17
Roy E F 15:11:22 15:19:30 15:27:17 13:54:03 14:07:40 14:35:09 14:48:35 15:59:08

 Well done to Colin who listened to Richard's warning about possible problem with Triffid C at the briefing.
Using his time as an offset all others are now correct using the time sequence from  C's log.

So how did Philip do it?

A hard, hot day that nearly turned to disaster!

Was surprised to get a green ‘K’ for my Joker, but took three bearings at the outset which stood me in good stead, yet made it clear that I would have to start at the middle of a fan, not on the edge of one. Ran up one of the main tracks towards K with Gary, and Steve, but we all split up when the next set of signals came on. First time round K was not too difficult and L took only another ten minutes. I then decided to leave Red M till last and used a cross path to run down to F which was more straightforward than G where I saw Gary again. H very confusing and it took me two trips out into the meadow before I found it in the hedge line about an hour into the contest.

I had heard the ghost and worked out it was in the middle of the wood and ripe to try and pick it up as I crossed the wood to A. It was however further east than I had thought and there were no easy paths to get me there, but plenty of signal. Just beat Colin in whilst Richard looked on. Not realising how far over I had come I made the mistake of sticking with my earlier plan and ran down the main path back to the Car Park, where Alan was watering his dog. So I then had to run up the outside of the wood, past the dog kennels towards A where I found Chris and Tom climbing over a fence, back into the wood. Was not sure what to make of this but soon worked out I had to get over the track and down to the edge of the stream. Then made another mistake and went first for B, showing the way to Tom and Chris, so had to back track for C, leaving me 40 minutes for M and to bank my points. The trail towards M took me right out of the wood and down a sunken track to a stream and meadow beyond and a gate where the signal peaked.

Searching in the field along the fence showed signs of some disturbance but nothing obvious and I toyed with trying up the meadow before being brought back to the gate and fence where I searched further, finally spotting the triffid hanging over the ditch, with me being only the third visitor.

Still having 25 minutes left was not too concerned but then bumped into Tom, Chris and Richard at what I thought was near K but was clearly L. It all looked the same and as time started to run out I thought the whole thing was lost, when by some miracle I finally found K again and posted my points just in time.

Snakes and Ladders
Well done to Philip for climbing the Hero ladder to 158 removing the trophy from Tim and sending us all down a Multi-Snake,  a rescale by 130/158,  limited by minimums shown in blue.  Remember if you have slithered to your minimum you can still be in the Hero League by claiming a free 'I want to be a Hero point'.

All the rules about handicaps are here .

Thanks to Richard
Great Triffid hiding,  spot on difficulty level, giving several of us a good taste of the Multi-Spice - just 52 seconds to spare in my case!

Next event
Saturday August 3rd,  Steve is in charge, location likely to be the Berkhamsted area.

Philip C

Multi-Star and Hero  23/06/19