Sunday July 11th 2021

Multi-Tx DF 
Location  Chalkney Wood, Earles Colne.

Event Format -   
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Organiser  Richard M6EWJ

Organiser’s Report

A technically challenging event!

I had previously used this site in 2019 when I spread the TXs to the full boundaries of the wood. The result was a very energetic afternoon which stretched everyone’s athleticism.

Having looked at the wood on Wednesday it was clear that flooded main paths could slow down even our Olympians. 

After more heavy rain before the weekend I decided to pull in the spread just slightly.  I had also noted that the approach lane was overgrown but a conversation with a couple of rangers who were onsite failed to get it trimmed before the event.

The majority of Chalkney has very little undergrowth which limits the choice of TX locations and the constant rain during my setting out caused me to place at least a couple of triffids upside down to prevent the dibbing hole filling with water.

The Mud Map!

Sunday morning was bright however and all 10 TX signals could be heard from the Start. A good beginning to the day.

All of the 9 competitors shot off confidently at 1.35. Ben, Phil and Roy had the A group of Jokers and I set off to the location in search of action photos. When I found Roy he was heading for transmitter A but with no signals being received after 13:55. I had to lead the way to the hide which was a DF classic, a small “cave” in thick bushes, good size puddle to jump, plenty of brambles, irresistible. The TX was completely dead but this didn’t defeat Roy. A quick dash, or mud scramble back to the car park, a fast programming of the spare TX and I had a replacement for A TX ready to put in position. It’s probable that the signal down wasn’t noticed by any of the competitors who were busy elsewhere. So, on this occasion all ended well except for the time lost to Roy who would no doubt have bagged a full house if not for this delay.

In the scramble I had picked up a call from Tim who was reporting that Triffid L was failing to record dibs. Back to car, fetch reserve triffid and across the wood to replace the faulty unit. This was in place at 2:58 just as Steve was homing in. Good work but only three hunters visited L after that time. Fortunately, the previous visitors had all noted their arrival times meaning that we still had good data for the results.

Chalkney Wood:
On event day we had the wood almost to ourselves. We probably outnumbered the total of all other visitors. If you’re lucky enough to be alone in the wood you’ll find that an almost-silence prevails most of the time. Almost, because in between the birdsong there is a constant hum of insects at any location. I met several butterfly “twitchers” who were hoping to see the Purple Emperor when the sun shines, which is the only time that this butterfly leaves the treetops. On the event day they helped me identify the more common Purple Hairstreak that I’d seen.

All competitors successfully made their validation dibs in good time and were back at the car park shortly after 4pm. Then the fun began:

I was having my first experience of operating the user-friendly Multiscore program on my laptop and all went well until Triffid M refused to download it’s log of the afternoon’s event. Over to Roy to download the data from the intelligent dibbers. By then it was time to be at the Cricketers pub for our first after-event tea since the pandemic restrictions commenced, in time to see Djokovic win the men’s singles. Roy continued to work on the results and kindly phoned them to the group to enable the prize presentations.


Pos Competitor Hcap Joker A B C F G H K L M 1 Score Raw % Total
1 Philip C 69 B 40 80 32 23 23 23 26 32 32 23 334 100 265
2 Tim P 82 L 23 23 26 17 17 20 40 80 40 32 318 95 236
3 Steve S 70 H 0 0 20 26 40 80 11 17 26 40 260 77 190
4 George F 0 F 13 15 0 80 32 32 15 0 0 0 187 55 187
5 Ben G 34 A 64 32 0 20 20 17 20 23 20 0 216 64 182
6 Roy E 69 C 26 26 80 15 15 0 17 15 17 26 237 70 168
7 Geoff F 20 G 15 13 0 32 52 26 13 0 0 0 151 45 131
8 Chris I 2 K 20 20 0 0 0 0 64 26 0 0 130 38 128
9 Gary P 107 M 17 17 23 0 0 0 23 20 46 0 146 43 39

Competitor Joker A B C F G H K L M 1 Validation
Ben G A 13:45:59 13:51:38
15:07:06 15:17:39 15:32:44 14:17:39 14:37:00 14:47:40
Chris I K 15:13:44 15:01:22

13:50:14 14:15:00

Gary P M 15:21:28 15:02:27 15:11:36

14:15:08 14:38:00 14:47:21
Geoff F G 15:25:31 15:32:02
13:43:30 14:03:03 14:26:35 14:58:05

George F F 15:25:48 15:31:44
13:43:17 14:02:56 14:19:32 14:53:37

Philip C B 13:41:45 13:51:13 14:00:10 14:53:34 14:59:05 15:06:54 14:08:50 14:14:00 14:30:26 14:43:27 15:27:07
Roy E C 14:06:54 13:58:21 13:47:53 15:27:57 15:33:20
14:50:40 14:58:28 15:07:39 14:41:13 15:58:24
Steve S H

15:26:30 14:03:00 13:56:29 13:46:24 15:05:40 14:57:52 14:44:13 14:21:37 15:48:39
Tim P L 14:55:04 14:21:14 15:06:34 15:17:15 15:23:20 15:32:30 13:49:53 14:00:00 14:10:14 14:41:07 15:45:09

At L blue times were estimates provided by competitors, black + green validation for Tim were retrieved from replacement Triffid.


Phil was the winner of the Chalkney Challenge for the second time, with 265 points.    Tim in second place on 236.

However, everyone put in a good performance, especially the enthusiastic, less experienced competitors who are, worryingly for the old hands, coming on in leaps and bounds.


Colin F retained the Hero trophy.  Other heroes of the day included Roy for his determination in keeping the tech going and Steve for building in invaluable fail safe components in the MulitiScore architecture which enabled results to be obtained.

Much boots and clothes cleaning on Monday. I look forward to my next Multi (if I’m allowed).


Thanks Richard,  yes what a day for physical and technical challenges, oh and a washing challenge after a dog cocked its leg and peed on my foot in the car park while processing results!

The Hero League
Changes after this event are shown on the right.
For a full list including all competitors see here.

Anyway at least one person had a really good day, over to Philip to hear how he managed such a resounding victory:

Competitor Handicap Points Awarded Discard New HP
Philip C 69 50 0 119
Tim P 82 10 10 82
Steve S 70 3 10 63
Richard S 69 5 10 64
George F 0 0 0 0
Ben G 34 0 10 24
Roy E 69 0 0 69
Geoff F 20 0 0 20
Chris I 2 0 0 2
Gary P 107 0 5 102

Chalking up another win.

The weather has been all over the place, with the Hadleigh Multi nearly being called off because of the heat, whilst this event looked like it may have been too wet. Fortunately the rain held off and headed to the continent.

Wondering whether the nettles were going to be a problem again, Richard did assure me that short sleeves would be OK, he was wrong, the brambles got me as well.

Thought myself lucky to get B as joker with transmissions at the start all working well with A off to the north, F in the opposite direction and K to the east, creating a nice fan, I assumed with the ghost somewhere in the middle.
Heading towards A and the boundary footpath meant passing the car on the way letting me drop off the compass board and bits. Ben followed me, with Roy ahead. When the signal came up again it pointed well outside the wood and it became clear was off down one of the radiating footpaths. Lost track of Roy but with Ben behind found the path leading towards the overhead power lines and arrived at the little hollow just as the signal went off. The path was well beaten down leading further on, so I was not clear if I had gone far enough, but next signal up took me back to the little hollow in the brambles where I quickly spotted the triffid, scoring top points. Passed Ben on the way out, but still no sign of Roy clearly heading for C. I swear A was working when we left it!

With Ben then worked away at B, which we eventually found in a swampy bit through some more shoulder high nettles. Full points again.

Helpfully C was further into the wood in the right direction and we passed Roy coming the other way having got his joker.

Managed to find the right paths to take me to K, found in only a further 8/9 minutes. Then found Chris hovering around L with the area well trampled down and the report that the triffid was not recording correctly. Chris eventually spotted it for me and I did find it not logging in correctly so noted the time at 2.14 pm (2nd). M was really close on the edge of the wood, but with no direct route to it, guarded by more brambles. After finding a way round the back it took a full 15 minutes to finally find M, still with 32 points.

Having heard the Ghost a fair bit by then, it was next, though by then I was fairly disorientated so just followed the signal in a straight line. Saw Roy on the way out but no one else despite being fourth in, which set the score for the remaining three.
F was helpfully the closest and saw Ben again on the way out. G was a fair stretch away, but managed to find another muddy path off to the left of the lump of wood that had been coppiced.

H proved tricky and the narrow (more shoulder high nettles) muddy path, really slippery. Having overshot, came back to find it just to the side of the path at 3.07 pm, the full ten.

Crossed paths with Tim just by the car park and stopped off for a drink only to notice that Roy’s car door was wide open with no one to be found nearby so closed it. Richard showed up soon after and explained the technical problems of the afternoon.

Returning to wait by joker B, had a visit from George & Geoff before getting stung again on the arms getting the TX out when the contest closed!

Thanks to Richard for a great event and with Roy for sorting out the results and technical glitches. I did invite Gareth and the team to come and at least celebrate my decisive victory – but they didn’t show for some reason – probably, by the end of the day, like the rest of us a bit too knackered!

Philip G0NXH

Very well done Philip and many thanks for closing my car door, something must have distracted me, probably a Purple Hairstreak!

On Monday I set about fault finding, the Tx A problem was caused by a drop of condensation stopping the PIC oscillator.  The two Triffids probably suffered from a similar issue but after running continuously from Friday, by Monday both were found to be working perfectly again!  I don't think the water will have got in despite the rain, I suspect the problem was high humidity on Friday when I closed the cases. Looks like we need silica gel folks, so please throw any small packets that you get my way rather than the bin.

Next Event  -  Sunday August 8th - Gary will be be doing the hiding  watch this page for details