Chains, distances &  difficulty

Each Transmitter (Tx) is accompanied by a 'Triffid' that will record electronic points on your 'Dibber' when you insert it into its mouth! Your score is calculated by a computer after the event. The Triffid will be within 3m of the Tx.

In the diagram notice that the green letters are slightly larger than the others.  This indicates that these Txs are powerful enough to be heard all over the site.

The others indicated by smaller letters are less powerful and you may not hear them until you are close.

The 'Chains' of three letters in alphabetic order, allow you to home in on the weaker ones, using the more powerful 'Greens' to locate the beginning of the Chain.
For example, if you can't hear  H
Track it down by first heading for  F
Then listen for G
Finally from G you should be able to hear  H.

Txs will be located  within 1 Km of the start.  

In a 'chain' each link will be less than 200m.
No chain will be longer that 400m  
e.g. A ... 200m ..... B ..... 200m ..... C  

The Ghost  '1'   (One),  could be weak, brief and anywhere within 1 Km of the start, one for the experts!

Txs vary in difficulty allowing beginners and experienced competitors to be 'entertained' on the same event.  Difficulty is adjusted by using different lengths of transmission and depth of hide.  

Green are easy       Yellow are more of a challenge     Red are mainly for experts

However, if a beginner grabs a Red late in an event when the transmission times are longer or  perhaps by spotting an expert diving into a hedge, points will be awarded ....  serious  jungle cred!


All is fair in War and Multi-DF,  love doesn't come into it.    

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