The ten minute cycle


Click on table above to make a label for your DF set.

A, B, C  all come on at the same time but on different frequencies, three times in each ten minute period,  at  0:00,  5:00,  7:30.
e.g.  by tuning you can hear A, B or C at  13:30:00,  13:35:00,  13:37:30, 13:40:00, 13:45:00, 13:47:30, 13:50:00 etc. 

The first hour and half    (The Ghost Phase)
Easy  A will stay on for longer than B.
Hard C  may give very short transmissions ( as little as 10 secs)  leaving long periods of silence during this phase.
The  Ghost     may be heard popping up in the gaps left by C H M  on 1915 KHz .
The times that the Ghost comes on at vary and at the beginning of the event transmissions will be very short but these get longer and more frequent towards the end of this period.   Once this phase finishes the Organiser collects the Ghost, you will not hear it during the last hour.

The last hour  (The Spice Phase)
Transmissions from Green,  Yellow and Red Txs continue, all now give generous transmissions allowing competitors to makes some last finds and validate them by dibbing at their Joker.  Risk takers may grab that win or lose all - how much Multi-Spice will you add?

Other transmitters not shown above
The Organiser may provide a Tx on 1900 KHz  for initial practice and to guide you back to the car park after the event, also other training and jamming Txs may be operating on 1960, 1930 & 1915 KHz prior to the event - ask when you arrive.

On your first event you will have a 'Wild Joker'  so it doesn't matter which Tx and associated Triffid you attempt first.
Begin listening on 1960 KHz, during each ten minutes you should hear 3 transmissions from each of the easy 'Green' Txs:
1 long, 2 short.        A                F                K           A        F       K      A       F       K   

Concentrate on one  Green or Yellow Tx/Triffid at a time!    

If you do find a 'Red' or the 'Ghost' you will get the points but they are difficult to track down, particularly at the beginning.  With no handicap you can win without attempting them.