Collection of equipment at the end of the event.

All competitors are asked to return their Dibber to the car park ASAP after 16:00 so that result processing can begin.

Txs & Triffids
These do require some previous knowledge of the shutdown procedure for safe recovery. 'Experts' are asked to ensure that the Txs & Triffids in their Chain of three are recovered.

At your Joker.

Please wait until the end of the event -  Machine Gun sounds then:
Remove the lid from the Tx and switch off  ASAP (contrary to previous instructions). This is so others don't come to collect it.
Replace the lid but do not use the side clips to retain it, instead wrap the aerial across the diagonals to hold it in place.  
Not re-using the side clips should extend their limited life.

Remove the  lock from the Triffid's cable (combination revealed at the start).
The mouth and camouflaged surface of  a Triffid is easy to damage, please be as careful as you can when carrying back to the car park.  
Using the cable to loop things together may help.

Now listen for the other Txs in the same 'Chain', noting the frequency and time that they should be on.
If nothing is heard then others must be dealing with them.
If one is still running please collect it.

  • Do not leave the area of your 'Chain' until you are satisfied that all have been collected. 
  • Others should be dealing with the other Chains but continue monitoring the three frequencies on the way back to the car park just in case.
  • Contact the Organiser if you are aware of any problems so that all can depart for the pub ASAP.

Organiser  - Ghost.
The ghost goes off an hour before the event ends and will not come on again until after the normal collection phase has finished.  You must either know exactly where it is or use your DF set to find it before it goes off.  Ideally it is switched off and collected an hour before the event ends, leaving you available at the car park to collect in Dibbers and process the results.
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